The 2018 Edition

Modern bikes have highly diversified in style and practices : commuting, bikepacking, gravel, fixie, monstercross, fatbike, etc. Novel bike races take riders across Europe on unpaved roads, such as the French Divide inaugurated in 2016.

Artisan bike makers will have little choice but to innovate and invent because this year's theme is "B-road" adventure bikes that are to be kitted out with everything needed for self-supported bivouacking.  This adventure biking requires fit-for-purpose design, reliability, and self-sufficiency.

The Concours will be set against the backdrop of the Château de Bruniquel, which sits in the département of Tarn et Garonne, between 14-17 June. In this beautiful setting, among the loveliest villages of France, the artisan bike builders will test their mettle on the Concours de Machines' thouroughly modernized specifications.

Purpose of the Concours


Organized by the Association des Artisans du Cycles, an association of French artisan bike builders,  Concours de Machines is first a showcase for hand-made bikes made in France. Those entered in the Concours  de Machine will be on display in the inner court of the Chateau de Bruniquel for all to see.



The Concours de Machines brings together bike builders, enthusiasts, and neophytes. The event includes the challenge, but also exhibitions, and many opportunity to share with others. A organized bike ride is open to all on Sunday - so take your bike with you !



The Concours de Machines, the Association des Artisans du Cycles' flagship event, is a celebration of the revival of artisan bike building in France and elsewhere.



Through its exposure to international press and social media,  the Concours de Machines fosters innovation and artistic value. This year again, the lineup includes several non-French bike makers.


The 2018 Specifications


Fit-for-Purpose Bike packing System


A bike builder makes bikes, but not only. The hallmark of a true constructeur is the degree to which every detail in the machine functions as part of a system. The 2018 Concours de Machines seeks to push further this integration, by specifying a bike that can carry its rider off the beaten path while providing her a high degree of self-reliance via a fit-for-purpose bivouac kit.  Bike builders will be rewarded for functional thoroughness by design, and not as an afterthought.


The specifications – which is freely available on the Concours de Machines site – allocates bonuses and penalties accordingly. The builders can use the resulting body of criteria as design guide.


The two-day event will total 150Km and 3500 vertical meters, including an unsupported bivouac.