Judging Panel

Raymond Henry

Official historian of the French Cyclotouring Federation (FFCT), he also hosts International Cycling History Conferences (ICHC). Randonneuses collector, he has a great knowledge of their history and their technical specifications, and as a result, of the Concours de Machines that made their evolution. He wrote a large amount of publications, like the one untitled "Histoire du Cyclotourisme " (History of cyclotouring), published in two volumes. The first one covers the 1865-1939 period whereas the second one is about years 1939 to 1955.

Dominique Lamouller

He has been practicing cyclotouring since 1969 at the French Cyclotouring Federation (FFCT) with his family, on both bikes and tandems. He is an advanced randonneur, as he went through every French counties both by cyclotouring or more intense randonnées with the Brevets Audax, worldwide randonneurs, France’s Diagonales, Paris-Brest-Paris, “Tour de France Randonneur" … He has been the FFCT executive officer since 1973 and at the national level since 1987. After 17 years at this position, he now is the communication officer vice-president. Cyclotouring is for him a huge passion and according to him, the fact that the material available has greatly evolved these past few years must permit interesting innovations in order to boost cycle touring on roads and paths with improved conditions.

Gary Rough

Graphic designer from Genesis Bikes, a small British brand specialised in steel Adventure and Trekking bicycles. In recent years, they have also made foray’s into Carbon Fibre.

Salvatore Lombardo

Editorial director of the Top Vélo magazine and of the topvelo.fr website, Salvatore Lombardo is a reporter, writer and chief of exhibitions of modern art. He is the inheritor of a nice lineage of professional riders, but most of all Luigi Lombardo's son, the italian craftsman that founded Cicli Lombardo. Note that he also published around 40 books including the recent best-seller devoted to the Campionissimo Fausto Coppi, co-written with Faustino Coppi, Coppi par Coppi

Samuel Becuwe

Twice finisher of the Transcontinental Race and now organiser of the French Divide, Samuel Becuwe rides just as well MTB, Gravel or road bikes provided that the distance is long. He will have the eye of the rider seeking the ideal bike to face long-distance without any concerns or doubts. 

David Agrech

Urban cyclist, shortcuts' lover, cyclotourist fond of detours and cyclo-mechanic keen on restorations, David Agrech uses every ones of his skills with his blogger activity on the Cyclodonia website and his editor activity for the cyclist press. He notably covered the 1st edition of the Concours d'Ambert (France). 

Olivier Csuka

Olivier Csuka is the craftsman-constructor of the Cycles Alex Singer in Levallois, France. Born in the bike environment 53 years ago, he has 47 French Cyclotouring Federation (FFCT) licenses and 36 French Cycling Federation ones. Inspired by the greatest French manufacturers, he has a unique experience and savoir-faire when it comes to the handmade bicycle.