Review of the Concours de Machines 2017


The 30th of June, 1st and 2nd of July, the second edition of the Concours de Machines took place, in the “Les Copains” cyclosportive, in Ambert. Twenty-four builders from all around the world presented bikes specifically constructed for the event, and tested them on challenging tracks.


Extraordinary bikes…

The enthusiasm about handcrafted bicycles in France is constantly growing. More and more cyclists tend to buy these unique bikes, tailor made in France by a bunch of “frame-builders” which seek to make this know-how legacy live on. The Concours de Machines represents an opportunity to highlight this work and let the cyclists learn about it. The second edition was held during the first weekend of July, and this year, builders from Japan, the USA, Sweden and Slovakia were reunited along with the French builders giving the event an international dimension.


... challenged on the ground

Each contestant came with a bike specifically created for the event, in accordance with the “light randonneuse theme”. Their reliability has been tested during two tracks of 225km and 100km, on both roads and paths, made even more challenging by the bad weather. A judging panel of experts but also the frame builders themselves and the public evaluated the manufacturing quality, the weight or the degree of innovation for each machine.



We all win 

Beyond the contest, the Concours de Machines is foremost a unique opportunity for the constructors to be reunited in order to increase the awareness about handcrafted bicycle in France. A large public attended this event, hence, it’s a victory for the contestant as they could show their work and prove that there are alternatives to series bikes.




The podium

1st - Pechtregon Cycles (FR)

2nd - Peter Weigle (USA)

3rd - Cyfac (FR)


Other Prizes:

Innovation Prize: Cyfac (FR)

Judging Panel Prize: Vagabonde Cycles (FR)

Public Prize: Cyfac (FR)

Lightest Machine: Peter Weigle (USA

Best finish: Grand Bois (JP)

Best rookie: Larix Bicycle (FR


Also made a mark (Alphabetical order)

-     Arko Bici ( SK)

-     Atelier des Vélos (FR)

-     Brevet Cycles (GB)

- (FR)

-     Cycles Andouard (FR)

-     Cycles Petrus (FR)

-     Cycles Pierre Perrin (FR)

-     Cycles Victoire (FR)

-     Edlebikes (FR)

-     Fée Du Vélo x 200 (FR)

-     LaFraise Cycles (FR)

-     Gilles Berthoud SAS (FR)

-     Grade 9 (FR)

-     Jolie Rouge Cycles (FR)

-     Martignac (FR)

-     Menhir (FR)

-     Patrik Tegner (SU)

-     Nomad Cycles (FR)