Competition schedule

Based on the original spirit of the Concours, the builder's creation will have to prove their performance and reliability during these three days. The bikes are ridden by a "champion" chosen by the builder. It can be a customer, an employee, a friend... or any person who can ride during these 3 days of competition. Three trials will allow to the competitors to confront each other. The routes have been selected among the large choice offer by  the organisation of Les Copains, according to their interest for the Concours. Eventually, it will be on a total of 363km and 6541m of elevation that the machines will be put to the test.

Friday 1st July
Saturday 2nd July
Sunday 3rd July

Long distance trial on 235 km and a 4323m elevation on “La Borne Occidentale” route. Start at 5:00am. No supply, cyclists have to be self-sufficient.

55 km ride with timed climb of the Col du Béal (13,6 km) from the village of Vertolaye, on “La Belle Échappée du Béal” route. In the afternoon, the bikes will be displayed in the village.

In the morning, gravel ride of 73 km and a 1153 m elevation, on “Le siège de la Reine” route. In the afternoon, award ceremony before the one of the sportive Les Copains. In the afternoon, the bikes will be displayed in the village.

To push the cyclist to not save their bicycles, there is a reference average speed for each trial, with a bonus-malus according if you are faster or slower.  It will be 25 km/h for the long distance, 15km/h for the climb of the Béal and 20km/h for the gravel.