The bikes are ranked at the end of the third day, on a total of 500 points. When they will arrive on Tuesday, each detail of the machine will be analyze by a technical commission. The builder will also have to present a building file, to explain his work. At the end of each trial, the bike will also be examined by the technical commission to detect some incidents than may have happened. The ranking will take in account:

  • The quality of the manufacturing and the rate of homemade components. All the parts handcrafted or customized by the builders will add value to the creations.   
  • Broken parts
  • the average speed during trials, with penalties and bonus according to the gap with the reference average speed
  • The weight. It is also evaluated on a bonus/penalties system each 100g, compared to the reference weight of 10,5Kg, ready to ride.
  • At last, the judging panel as well as the manufacturers and the public will give a mark of evaluation. The innovative style of the bike or the origin of the components will be important criteria for the judgement.